about titanium

Titanium and its alloys offer excellent corrosion resistance to acids, chlorides and salt; a wide continuous service temperature range, from liquid nitrogen (-322°F) to 1100°F; and the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any metal. It is commonly used in the aerospace industry but at a high cost. Pretty colors are fine for titanium jewelry. However, blue, violet, green, grey and white colors indicate atmospheric contamination in a TIG welded titanium component. In critical applications, welds exhibiting such colors may suffer reduced strength and could (or must) be rejected. Because the material is so expensive learning to weld Titanium comes at a high price. Titanium is about 45 percent lighter than steel, 60 percent heavier than aluminum and more than three times stronger than either of them. While expensive initially, titanium lowers life cycle costs because of its long service life. Below  is a sample of a good weld. Any color other then silver or straw should be rejected.

TIG welded Titanium